Barre with Holly Jones

Tuesday, 12:00 PM

This signature Barre workout will tone and strengthen your entire body using a ballet barre, light hand weights, and other fun props.* Inspired by ballet, pilates, and isometric strength training - you will pulse and squeeze your way to long muscle strength, set to a smile inducing playlist. A cardio burst warm up is followed by an arm segment then we move to the barre to focus on thigh and glutes before ending with abs and a gentle stretch. This low impact, high intensity class is for all body types and fitness levels.
- Props Not required but encouraged
-ballet barre (railing, wall, or chair that you can use for balance)
-3-5lb light hand weights (water bottles work just fine)
-slider/gliders (slippery socks, dish towels, or paper plates are good alternatives)
-barre ball (soft squishy inflatable playground ball, rolled up towel/blanket or sweatshirt)


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